Office of Research & Creative Scholarship

FAFG Recipients 2013-14

The Faculty Advancement Committee (FAC) makes recommendations for the Faculty Advancement Fund Grant [FAFG] to support the scholarly and creative activities of the full‐time tenured and tenure track faculty members. The Office of Academic Affairs administers the FAFG.

The Faculty Advancement Committee (FAC) 2012‐13

  • Anya Belkina, Visual and Media Arts, Committee Chair
  • Elizabeth Demski, Office of Research and Creative Scholarship
  • Kathleen Donohue, Performing Arts
  • Elaine Geller, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Maria Koundoura, Writing, Literature and Publishing
  • Richard West, Communication Studies
  • Richard Zauft, Academic Affairs, ex. officio

2013‐14 FAFG Faculty Grants Awarded

The FAC received 16 applications totaling $92,978. Former Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Linda Moore, in considering recommendations from the school Deans and the FAC, awarded $64,353 to 10 applicants.

The Office of Academic Affairs thanks the FAC members for their contribution of time in service to their faculty colleagues to review the applications and develop their recommendations. Congratulations to the following faculty FAFG recipients.

2013‐2014 FAFG Recipients

Angela Cooke-Jackson, Communication Studies
Emerson Literacy Education & Empowerment Project (eLEEP)

Hassan Ildari, Visual and Media Arts
Skinning the Sharks

Vinoth Jagaroo, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Automated Assessment in Neuropsychology: Developing a Framework for Global Reach

Joanne Lasker, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Improving Outcomes for Adults with Apraxia of Speech Using Multimodal Treatment Delivered via Skype

Kristin Lieb, Marketing Communication
Making of the Modern Middle Class Musician

Rhiannon Luyster, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Equipping Research with Child Assessment Fundamentals

Pablo Muchnik, Communication Studies
Sentiments, Moral Education, and the Role of Religion in Kant (and Other Modern Figures)

John Trimbur, Writing, Literature and Publishing
Grassroots Literacy and the Written Record: The History of Asbestos Activism in Kuruman, South Africa

Paul Turano, Visual and Media Arts
Wander, Wonder, Wilderness

Mako Yoshikawa, Writing, Literature and Publishing
Secrets of the Sun: A Memoir of Physics, Fusion, Family, and the War