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Records Policies

Records Management Policies

These policies are designed to aid employees and all College departments and offices to effectively and efficiently maintain and protect institutional records. Authorized retention periods and disposition actions (which include retain for a specified period and then destroy, retain permanently in the business unit, or transfer to the Archives for permanent retention) are published in the Emerson College Records Retention Policy. Additional policies and guidelines will be available as departments and offices are surveyed and their records are scheduled.

Permanent Records

Some records are retained permanently because of their ongoing usefulness or their significance to Emerson College operations and/or history. Permanent records require special attention and care to ensure that they remain authentic, reliable, and usable over long periods of time.

Department and offices should consult with the College archivist regarding what constitutes a permanent business or historical record and develop plans for implementing preservation strategies and techniques as early in the lifecycle of the records as possible. 

See the Records Consultations and Transfers page for more information.

Electronic Records

Use of electronic media in the workplace is quickly surpassing reliance on paper documents. As a result, employees and all departments and offices must be vigilant in their safeguarding and use of digital information as well as the and proper destruction of electronic records that have met their business purpose and authorized retention.

Departments are required to comply with and incorporate the storage and destruction requirements of the College’s Written Information Security Policy into their departmental and office procedures. In addition, departments and offices should consult with the Department of Information Technology concerning storage space, confidentiality, and retrieval of inactive electronic records.