Academic Affairs

Information for New Faculty

Mandatory orientations are held each September and January for all new full- and part-time faculty members. These orientations address such topics as the library and media services, instructional technology support for faculty, how to obtain an ID, review of the Faculty Handbook, discussion of important College policies, best practices for the classroom, and other practical information all new faculty members need to know. Additional topics include syllabus preparation, grading policies, textbook ordering, copyright policy, plagiarism policy, and general College policies that govern academic, faculty, and student issues.

New Faculty Orientation Booklet

Office of Research and Creative Scholarship

Emerson College is committed to creating a campus environment that supports and promotes superior research, premier creative activities, and innovative scholarly pursuits. The mission of the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship (ORCS) is to serve the Emerson community by providing information, personal assistance, services, and programs to those who seek financial support for scholarly endeavors.

Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning was founded to promote innovative teaching for enhanced student learning. The Center provides resources to support faculty in their teaching, and supports student learning through their affiliated offices: Service Learning and Community Action, the Lacerte Family Writing and Academic Resource Center, and the Disability Services Office.

Helpful Links

Food For Thought

Connect with your professor outside the classroom!

The Food for Thought Program provides undergraduate students an opportunity to discuss class work, career aspirations, or just learn more about your faculty mentors.

Even without a meal plan. Each Semester, students can take one faculty member to a meal for free. Simply swipe your card to pay for the meal and bring a meal ticket for the faculty member.

This option is available in the Little Building dining hall. You receive two meals (you and your faculty guest) for this program a semester.

Regardless of whether you have a meal plan, two additional meals will available to you and accessible through your student ID. When you bring a faculty member to lunch, you’ll swipe your ID twice and then the faculty swipes their ID as well.

Please download this flyer for an invitation and conversation starters.