Global & U.S. Diversity

Emerson's curriculum emphasizes a global perspective and prepares students to work and live in an increasingly interconnected and multicultural world. Graduating students have a basic understanding of the pluralism of American society and the world at large.

Through courses in “Global and U.S. Diversity,” students gain an understanding of the historical, artistic, and/or political contexts of cultural traditions and an appreciation of the value of diversity itself as a democratic and intellectual strength. Students may fulfill the Global and U.S. Diversity requirement simultaneously with any other requirement.

Global Diversity (4 credits)

Choose from the following courses:

Course Code Course Information
CC 203 Intercultural Communication
HI 201 Non-Western World History
HI 204 Islam in the World
IN 142 African Civilizations
IN 148 Politics, Film, and Literature in Latin America
IN 203 Post-Colonial Cultures
IN 370 Topics in Global Studies
JR 570 Global Journalism
LI 211 Topics in Global Literature
LI 381 Global Literatures
LI 396 International Women Writers
LI 423 Topics in Literature
MU 203 Perspectives in World Music
PH 112 Religion in Eastern Cultures
SO 206 Gender in a Global Perspective
VM 214 History of Non-Western Art I: Asia and the Mideast
VM 215 History of Non-Western Art II: Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas
VM 410 Seminar in Non-Western Art
VM 418 Transnational Asian Cinema
VM 509 Post-Colonial Film

U.S. Diversity (4 credits)

Choose from the following courses:

Course Code Course Information
CC 344 Rhetoric of Social Movements
CD 153 Images of the Disabled
HI 203 Social Movements in the U.S.
HI 211 African-American History
HS 102 First-Year Honors Seminar II (Honor students only)
IN 220 Nationalism, Multiculturalism, and Identity
IN 223 Blacks, Whites, and Blues
JR 555 Reporting Issues of Cultural Diversity
LI 208 U.S. Multicultural Literatures
LI 209 Topics in U.S. Multicultural Literature
LI 210 American Women Writers
LI 361 Native American Literature
LI 382 African-American Literature
MU 139 History of Jazz
PL 332 Civil Rights
PL 334 Development of the U.S. Welfare State
SO 200 Communities and Race Relations
TH 313 African-American Theatre and Culture
VM 511 Black American Independent Cinema I
VM 512 Black American Independent Cinema II
VM 519 Communication Ethics and Cultural Diversity

World Languages (8 credits)

Students must demonstrate qualification (i.e., the completion of an Elementary II-level course) in a single foreign language or in American Sign Language. Bilingual students or students who completed three years of high school study in any one foreign language will have the World Language requirement waived.