2012 Sophomore Survey

Executive Summary

In the Fall 2012 semester, Institutional Research collaborated with several offices across campus to develop a Sophomore Survey. The target population was sophomores who had started as new first year students in the Fall 2011 semester. 441 of these sophomores took part in the survey (a
55% response rate).

88% of respondents said they would recommend Emerson to others. Less than 3% indicated they would not.

would you recommend emerson college to others chart

Slightly more than three out of four sophomores said that if they had it to do over again, they would still choose to attend Emerson. Only 5% said they would not and 19% were unsure.

If you could make your college choice over, would you still choose to enroll at emerson?

83% of sophomores reported they were satisfied or very satisfied with their overall college experience. About 73% were satisfied or very satisfied with campus social activities and with the overall sense of community among students. On average, there was a high degree in involvement in the various clubs and activities.

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following chart

Sophomores were asked to rate faculty in four categories. 80% of respondents thought faculty
did well or very well in setting high expectations and in caring about student’s academic success.
67% thought faculty were doing well or very well in providing prompt and frequent feedback.
72% of sophomores reported that faculty did well or very well in terms of encouraging student- faculty interaction.

Please rate how well faculty members do each of the following chart

Students were asked to rate their satisfaction with a selection of offices, services, and departments. The areas with the highest satisfied or very satisfied ratings were: the library (74%), Lacerte Family Writing & Academic Resource Center (72%), and the Academic Advising Center

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