2012 Graduating Senior Survey

Executive Summary

During the Spring 2012 semester, Institutional Research worked with many other offices on campus to develop a survey to be administered to graduating seniors. The survey was created to help inform strategic planning, to help fill some existing informational gaps, and to assist in our reaccreditation efforts.

Invitations to participate in the survey were emailed during the Spring 2012 semester to 663 seniors, 323 (49%) responded to the survey.

Overall Satisfaction

Slightly more than three-fourths of respondents indicated they were satisfied with their overall college experience. 80% reported that they would recommend Emerson to others, while only 5% would not.

Would you recommend emerson college to others? 80% yes, 5% no, 15% unsure

Satisfaction with Components of the Emerson College Experience

53% of respondents were satisfied with the overall sense of community among students and 26% were dissatisfied. 55% were satisfied with campus social activities and 18% were dissatisfied.
Half of the seniors reported being satisfied with the advising from their major faculty advisor while 29% were dissatisfied. 45% were satisfied with advising from the Advising Center and 24% were dissatisfied.

Satisfaction with Courses in Major

70% or more of respondents were satisfied with the quality of instruction, knowledge gained from courses, and interaction with both faculty and students. Dissatisfaction rates for these items ranged from 11-14%.
Students were less satisfied with the variety of courses offered (55% satisfied) than with other aspects of their major courses. About one in four were dissatisfied with the variety of courses offered.

Satisfaction with Courses Not in Major

Survey respondents were less satisfied with courses not in their major than with their major courses (with the exception of the variety of courses offered).Slightly less than half of the seniors were satisfied and 27% were dissatisfied with the number of courses offered.

Student Perceptions of Faculty

The majority of respondents reported that faculty did “very well” or “well” in the following: “setting high expectations” (70%), “caring about student’s academic success” (68%), “encouraging student-faculty interaction” (66%), and “giving prompt and frequent feedback” (63%) (see chart below).

please evaluate how well faculty members do each of the following chart

Seniors were asked to evaluate aspects of their interactions with their major faculty advisor using a scale from excellent to very poor (see the chart below for results). More than half of seniors gave “excellent” or “good” ratings to their faculty advisor for the following: “access to advisor” (56%), “accurate information about degree requirements and course sequences” (56%), and “knowledge of campus policies and procedures” (52%). 49% gave “excellent” or “good” ratings to their faculty advisor for”sufficient time with faculty advisor” and 46% for “provided advice about career related issues”. About 30% of seniors thought faculty could have done more in terms of providing career related advice. 26% of respondents did not feel they had sufficient time with their advisors.

please evaluate the following about your faculty advisor in your major chart

Senior Involvement

Five out of six respondents participated in student clubs, groups, and organizations. 70% reported using the fitness center. 52% of seniors did non-credit internships and 47% did academic internships (for credit). More than half reported that they had participated in on-campus employment. 28% did the LA Center program, 23% went to Kasteel Well, and 25% participated in community service.

Emerson College Library and Academic Success

All but one survey respondent used the library. 60% of the seniors were satisfied with Emerson’s library facilities and 20% were dissatisfied. 62% of respondents felt that the library contributed to their academic success to “a great extent” or to “some extent”. 

to what extent did the library contribute to your academic success chart