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Faculty Search Committee Orientation

The Faculty Handbook, Section 5: Mandatory Search Committee Training, states:

“All members of any search committee approved by Academic Affairs are required to attend a search committee orientation authorized by the Office of Academic Affairs. If a search committee member fails to attend, the member is no longer eligible to serve on that search committee and the administrator who called for the search may appoint an appropriate replacement, who also must attend the orientation.”

Who Must Attend the Mandatory Search Committee Training?

Faculty members who have never served on an Emerson faculty search committee, or have not served on one for two years or more, are required to attend an in-person search committee orientation. Several orientations will be scheduled in the fall semester from which faculty members can choose to attend.

Faculty members assigned to serve on a search committee who have attended an in-person orientation within the last two years do not have to attend an in-person orientation. As an alternative to the in-person orientation they can instead complete an online training review

Faculty Success Guide

The Faculty Success Guide offers Emerson College faculty members quick access to important information, such as frequently called numbers, policies, syllabi guidelines, grading information, and more.

Faculty Institute

At the beginning of each new academic year, the Emerson College administration welcomes and introduces new faculty and staff members. At Faculty Institute, information about admissions, library and media support, academic announcements, calendar updates, and Faculty Assembly proceedings is reported. The president also shares College news and delivers the State of the College address, summarizing the College’s recent accomplishments and outlining important goals for the upcoming year.

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook provides important information about policies and procedures, such as faculty searches and appointments; promotion and tenure criteria; reappointments; and teaching, research, and service requirements that govern the faculty. It was developed by a joint faculty and administrative staff committee to establish parameters of shared governance at Emerson.

Governance/Faculty Assembly

The faculty of Emerson College, in recognition of the need for collective deliberation on matters concerning educational philosophy and administrative policies, has organized itself as a deliberative and recommending body. The Faculty Assembly By-Laws provide information about faculty membership, by-laws, purpose, officers, meetings, standing committees, and academic policies regarding undergraduate and graduate education.

The Faculty Assembly Wiki provides Faculty Assembly members access to information about upcoming Faculty Assembly meetings, agendas, minutes, discussions, related articles, by-laws, Robert’s Rules of Order, and more.

Faculty Contracts



Department Chair Duties and Responsibilities

View duties and responsibilities of department chairs. These duties and responsibilities are not limited to this document.

Syllabus Guidelines

All faculty members are required to provide a syllabus to the students and the department Chair at the beginning of each term for each class they teach. Each syllabus should follow the syllabi guidelines so it includes all the required components.

Online Course Evaluations

View information for online course evaluations. Please let the Office of Academic Affairs know if you notice any irregularities in the evaluations by sending an e-mail to

Faculty Development Fund

The Faculty Development Fund is to be used solely for the purpose of contributing directly to teaching, research and creative work. All fulltime faculty members will receive an annual fund of $2,500, which can be used for the following types of activities:

  • travel to conferences, research sites, festivals, professional meetings (i.e. conference or workshop registration; plane, train, and auto travel; hotel and per diem; taxi, car rental, and parking);
  • pre‐approved equipment purchases through the College (i.e. computers, laptop computers, tablets, printers and scanners; audio, video, or photographic acquisition or display/playback equipment - equipment will remain property of Emerson College);
  • development of courses (i.e. workshops, conferences or other travel in support of course development; subscriptions, books, materials, software, equipment, or podcasts; library or archive access);
  • creative work (i.e. materials and supplies; software and hard drives; outside equipment rentals; transcription, editing, and translation; production expenses, such as transportation, catering, and props; and post-production services);
  • purchase of books and scholarly offprints;
  • publication of monographs;
  • assistance with university publisher client advances;
  • membership of professional/academic associations

Other uses may be approved by the department chair and dean.

Funds may be used for a variety of purposes, including non-credit seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. that directly support research, teaching and creative work. They may not, however, be used to cover the cost of courses taken as part of a degree program or for credit at another institution. Faculty may also pursue professional development opportunities covered under Emerson’s tuition remission policy.

The Faculty Development Fund may not be used to directly compensate any Emerson faculty member, staff, or student. It may be used to hire outside help that directly supports research, such as transcribers, translators, etc.

The awards will be administered through the department chairs. Tenure and tenure-track faculty will be permitted to carry forward unused Faculty Development funds up to two years in a three-year period. Term faculty with three-year contracts will be eligible to carry forward unused funds on the same basis as tenure and tenure-track faculty. Term faculty with one‐year contracts, though not eligible to carry forward funds, will be eligible, however, for Faculty Development funds on a one-year basis only. Tenure, tenure-track faculty and term faculty with three-year contracts will be phased into the carry forward program based on the date of hire. Each full-time faculty member will have his/her own activity code. This code must be included on all related paperwork, expense reports, purchase orders, etc. At the end of the three‐year carry forward period, tenure, tenure-track and term faculty with three-year contracts will submit a brief summary outlining how they used the funds. The first three-year cycle ends June 2015, and the next three-year cycle begins July 1, 2015 through to June 2018.

Faculty Travel and Research Spending

Please refer to the Academic Affairs Financial Guidelines and Policies when dealing with non-salary disbursements and purchasing for faculty travel and research expenditures.

Faculty Quick Reference Guide

The Faculty Quick Reference Guide is a quick and easy reference point for faculty members. The answers to some of the most commonly asked questions are included in the booklet.


Search for any Emerson faculty member by last name or department in the Directory.

Academic Calendars

View the academic calendars for the current academic year.

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