Academic Affairs

Academic Policies

Academic policies governing undergraduate student enrollment, such as registration, adding or dropping a course, auditing a course, credit overloads, directed study, internships,withdrawals, transfer credits, and readmission can be found at the Academic Advising Center. Academic policies governing graduate student enrollment can be found in the Graduate Catalogue and the Graduate Student Handbook.

Policies that govern the faculty such as ranks and reviews, promotion and tenure, annual workload report, faculty rights and responsibilities, and faculty governance can be found in the Faculty Handbook or in the implemented Agreement between Emerson College and the ECCAAUP, extended in April 2011, and modified by the 2014 Memorandum of Agreement.

Following is a selection of general and academic related policies. Among these, the most important include:

Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook, Undergraduate Catalogue, Graduate Student Handbook, and Graduate Catalogue for additional and more complete policies.