Liberal Arts Curriculum

All students complete a Liberal Arts core curriculum. Most students follow the traditional Liberal Arts curriculum and those accepted into the Honors Program follow the Honors curriculum. 

Examples of courses that fulfill the Liberal Arts curriculum are listed below.

Traditional Curriculum

Honors Curriculum

Oral Communication

CC100 Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Written Communication

WR101 Intro. to College Writing and
WR121 Research Writing

HS101 & 102 First Year Honors Seminars, and HS103 Honors Writing Symposium

Aesthetic Perspective

MU239 History of Jazz, TH204 Theatre into Film,
VM105 Introduction to Visual Arts

Ethics and Values Perspective

PH105 Introduction to Ethics

PH110 Ethics and Justice

HS202 Sophomore Honors Seminar II

Historical Perspective

HI200 Contemporary World History, HI201 Non-Western World History

Interdisciplinary Perspective

IN108 Love and Eroticism

IN146 Making Monsters

IN200/300-level Junior Seminar

Literary Perspective

LI208 U.S. Multicultural Literatures

LI210 American Women Writers

HS102 Freshman Honors Seminar II

Quantitative Reasoning*

MT207 Statistics, MT106 Business Mathematics

Scientific Perspective

SC222 Earth Science: Natural Disasters

SC225 Science and the Politics of Water

HS201 Sophomore Honors Seminar I

Social and Psychological Perspective

PS101 Introduction to Psychology, SO150 Principles of Sociology

Global Diversity

TH203 Perspectives in World Theatre, VM216 History of Non-Western Art

U.S. Diversity

LI208 U.S. Multicultural Literatures

MU239 History of Jazz

HS102 Freshmen Honors Seminar II

World Languages*

Completion of Elementary Level II Spanish, French, or American Sign Language

*Students may waive the following Liberal Arts requirements: Quantitative Reasoning and World Languages. Please see Liberal Arts Waivers for more information.