Reduced water consumption

Water conservation is built into Emerson’s infrastructure, allowing the College to grow while also reducing its water consumption. 

Water consumption decline graph

Emerson’s LEED campus buildings reduce aggregate water consumption by at least 20% from the baseline--as campus square footage increases, water consumption decreases.

Hands-free sink faucet, dual-flush and sensor based toilets, and water efficient shower heads prevent excess water usage.

Piano Row (150 Boylston) and the Colonial Building (100 Boylston) have rain water capture systems that provides non-potable water for campus, which is used for dorm bathroom toilets

Tray-less dining in Emerson’s Dining Hall saves thousands of gallons of water each week.

Reusable bottle-friendly Hydration stations throughout campus eliminate waste associated with disposable bottles and highlight Boston’s excellent public tap water.