A bike room at the College

A bike room at the College

The College is located at the nexus of several major transportation lines—the Green and Orange MBTA lines, as well as several bus routes—greatly reducing the need for students and staff members to travel by car. In fact, a 2008 transportation survey revealed that of 1,022 Emerson employee-commuters who responded, 59.8% took the subway to work, 20.9% took a bus/subway combination, 13.3% took a commuter rail/subway combination, 3.8% took a bus/commuter rail/ subway combination, and 2.2% took the commuter rail. The survey was conducted by the College and submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Emerson also provides two locked bicycle parking areas: the Boylston Place Bike Room holds 50 bicycles, and the Ansin Building Bike Parking facility holds about 20.

The city of Boston has established a bike-sharing program, Hubway, and two stations are located near Emerson (Chinatown and Stuart/Charles streets).

Zipcar for Universities

Zipcar is a car sharing program that lets members use cars by the hour. Simply reserve online, let yourself in with your Zipcard and drive. Members of the Emerson College community are eligible for a Zipcar discount program. 

To sign up, please go to  You will be required to enter a user name and your Emerson e-mail address to receive the discounted rates.  Details concerning available rate programs and how to arrange for rentals are available through the site.

Existing members should email with their Zipcar card number  to be added to the benefit.

This program provides discounts on the annual fee and weekday rates as well as easy access to schedule rentals throughout the week. For more information, rates, and Zipcar locations, visit