Emerson SustainabilityEmerson recycles a number of materials on campus:

  • Paper, glass, metal, and plastic are recycled in blue bins. Paper is recycled separately from glass, metal, and plastic. Most blue bins have signs indicating which of the two types of material should be inserted. If there is no sign, the type of lid indicates what should go in which bin.
  • Cardboard is recycled separately. Boxes and the like should be broken down and placed next to recycling bins for collection by Facilities.
  • Organic waste is diverted from the trash stream as well. Food waste is collected in compost containers in all four of the dining facilities. Any type of food can be composted: meat, dairy, produce, etc.
  • Electronic waste that is Emerson property can be recycled by simply calling the IT Help Desk (617-824-8080) and requesting a pickup. Personal e-waste can also be recycled in a safe and responsible way. Bring items to the IT Help Desk and they will take care of it for you. E-waste includes such equipment as computers, monitors, and printers.
  • Batteries and cell phones are collected for recycling in designated blue boxes found in the lobbies of each building. Look for the wall poster and the distinctive box below.
  • Old bulbs or anything else of a hazardous nature can be picked up by Facilities (617-824-8880) and will be disposed of properly.

The College also recycles lighting and ballasts, furniture, mattresses, and library books. In 2013, the College recycled more than 300 tons of materials.