Green Building

Smart, simple, and sustainable

Emerson College is committed to sustainable design and environmental best practices across its campus infrastructure. Our new buildings are built to strict environmental standards and our existing buildings are regularly upgraded. Located in the famous theater district alongside the Boston Common gardens, Emerson’s buildings retain historic charm while being the some of the greenest in the neighborhood.

Emerson aims for all of its campus buildings to meet the internationally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. Additionally, the campus primarily uses Veolia’s “green steam” system for heat and hot water. Our high-performance, sustainable buildings provide stronger, healthier and more productive spaces to work, learn and live.

Green Building

Piano Row (150 Boylston Street)

One of the first educational buildings in the city of Boston to receive LEED Certification for new construction, Piano Row is LEED Silver and houses the Living Green Floor, a floor devoted to environmental awareness and sustainability.

The Colonial Building (100 Boylston Street)

This LEED Gold building features conscious materials made from recycled content and manufactured locally.

The Paramount Center (559 Washington Street)

Nestled in the heart of Boston's historic Theatre District, the Paramount is a first-of-its-kind mixed-use residential, academic, and performance venue. The Paramount Center was built with sustainable best practices and strict environmental code while preserving the historic facade. Plans are underway to install a roof-top garden on the Paramount to restore green space in the city center and serve as a model of urban agriculture.

The Little Building (80 Boylston Street)

Originally constructed in 1917, the Little Building is being upgraded to LEED Gold by 2019. 

Emerson's Los Angeles campus

Located on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, ELA is Emerson's newest addition and serves as a novel icon in LA architecture. The LEED Gold campus has rooftop solar panels to heat hot water for the entire complex, an automated temperature and sunshade system connected to weather stations, and a valence system to provide radient heating and cooling in each dorm room.

Upcoming: 2 Boylston Place 

Emerson's newest building at 2 Boylston Place is scheduled to be completed as LEED Gold by 2017.