Sustainability in Courses


Emerson students look at environmental issues in their coursework.

A number of courses in Emerson’s science program focus on environmental issues, including several that can be taken to fulfill the Scientific Perspective of the General Education curriculum.

Energy and Sustainability, for example, examines the environmental impact of energy use and explores various green technologies; Climate Change focuses on the responses of physical and biological systems to recent changes in climate and presents future climate scenarios; and Science in Translation gives students the opportunity to both learn and communicate various aspects of environmental science. Environmental topics are also highlighted in a range of other courses, including Environmental Reporting, Filmmaking and the Environment, and Environmental Ethics.

View the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogues for full course descriptions.

Sample courses include:

  • SC 220 Energy and Sustainability
  • SC 221 Meteorology
  • SC 222 Earth Science: Natural Disasters
  • SC 223 Climate Change
  • SC 224 Ecology and Conservation
  • SC 225 Science and Politics of Water
  • SC 226 Plants and People
  • SC 320 Science in Translation: Environmental Science
  • PH 204 Environmental Ethics
  • JR 364 Environmental Reporting
  • VM 520 Filmmaking and the Environment