Film Digital & Analog Post-Production

Digital Film Lab (DFL)

Digital Film Lab (DFL)
Digital Film Labs include Avid editing suites and more.Learn more »

Film Digital & Analog Post-Production are located on the 5th, 6th and 8th floors of the Ansin Building, 180 Tremont Street.

Film Post Production follows the trajectory of the film curriculum beginning with analog editing on flatbed Steenbeck Flatbed Editing Consoles and moving to non-linear digital editing on high-end Avid platforms. In addition, the use of the Mix-to-Pix studio is utilized for all levels, from multi-track mixing to ADR and Foley work.

Digital Film Lab (DFL)

The Digital Film Lab (DFL) includes:

  • Three Avid Media (Film) Composer Adrenalines, with DigiDesigns ProTools Audio Editing (individual suites)
  • Five Avid Media Composers with Mojo, with DigiDesigns ProTools Audio Editing (individual suites)
  • One Final Cut Pro Studio 2 suite, with DigiDesigns ProTools Audio Editing

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Mix A

Mix A Mix-to-Pix Studio includes:

  • Digidesign Pro-Tools HD 192
  • Mackie 32 X 8 mixing console
  • 16mm interlocked projector and six Magnasync film sound Dubbers and one 16mm fullcoat recorder
  • Panasonic HD video projector
  • Foley pits for sound effects creation
  • Many analog and digital peripherals, including DAT recorders, digital 8-track, Dorrough Meters, and more

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Additional Resources for Film Students

Additional resources include:

  • Ten (10) Steenbeck flatbed editors
  • One (1) Oxberry Animation/Title Stand
  • Two (2) J-K Optical Printer Systems
  • Animation Lunchbox facility
  • Fostex DAT recorders
  • Sony BVW-75 & UVW-1800 Betacam SP analog VTRs, DSR-1500 DVCam digital format VTRs
  • High-end digital media storage systems
  • Film dailies screening room

Film Post-Production students also use facilities in other labs such as Digital Production Labs, EDC, and Audio Labs. This includes three classroom studios and nine Audio/MIDI production suites, which offer an applied learning environment for all levels of instruction for film/video/new media. State-of-the-art DigiDesign ProTools workstations and late-model Apple computers offer a professional high-definition setting for all working needs.

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