Department of Television, Radio & Film Production


Staff Positions

Please check the Human Resources site for available staff positions.

Student Work-Study or Emerson Employment Positions

TRF hires Emerson students to work in:

  • Tufte PPC Television Studios
  • Journalism Television Facilities
  • Equipment Distribution Center
  • Digital Production Labs and Suites
  • Digital Film Lab
  • Film Mix A
  • The Emerson Channel
  • Emerson Production

See below for student job listings.

DateJob TitleDepartment
7/31/14Film Camera Shop AssistantTRF
6/24/14TRF POST Darkroom ManagerTRF
6/24/14TRF Post Darkroom AssistantTRF
4/28/14Audio Engineer - Emerson ProductionsTRF
4/28/14Final Cut Pro editor - Emerson ProductionsTRF
4/28/14Director of Photography - Emerson ProductionsTRF
4/28/14Production SupportTRF
3/24/14Operations Coordinator/Office ManagerEmerson Channel
3/24/14Director of Graphic DesignEmerson Channel
12/10/13Technical Support Specialist, Paramount Center Film SoundstageTRF
11/18/13Film Post Production ApprenticeTRF
10/08/13Live Sports SupervisorEmerson Channel
8/29/13Mix Assistant / Pilot ProgramTRF
8/28/13Digital Post Production Labs ApprenticeTRF
8/09/13EDC Tech AssistantTRF
8/09/13EDC Student Shift SupervisorTRF
8/09/13EDC Student Desk AssistantTRF

Please note that you must be a matriculated student to be able to view the full description of and apply for student employment.