Student Financial Services



Phone Fax Email
Financial Aid 617-824-8655 617-824-8619
Student Accounts 617-824-8655 617-824-8657
Student Employment 617-824-8655 617-824-8657
Office of Student Success 617-824-8650 617-824-8649


Financial Aid 216 Tremont St, 4th Floor
Student Accounts 216 Tremont St, 4th Floor
Student Employment 216 Tremont St, 4th Floor
Office of Student Success 80 Boylston St, 1st Floor

Mailing Address

Emerson College

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120 Boylston St

Boston MA 02116


Ruthanne Madsen, EdD, MBA Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Student Financial Services

Financial Aid

James Olick, MBA Director
Colleen Woods, M.Ed. Associate Director
Angela Grant Associate Director
Thomas Boucher Senior Assistant Director
Erik Kuenlen Assistant Director
Leanne Dileo Assistant Director
Ian Flynn, '92 Assistant Director
Christopher Norfleet, M.A. '13 Assistant Director, Student Employment
Eric Glaskin, M.Ed. Assistant Director
Christopher Gray Senior Operations Assistant/Office Manager
Alexis Goode Counselor

Student Accounts

Kathleen Shine Director
Karen Uminski Assistant Director
Lynnet Weddas, M.A. '13 Counselor
Timothy Blank Counselor

Office of Student Success

Chris Daly Director
Kellie Fuller, M.S. Associate Director
Jessica Glaser, M.Ed. Associate Director
Adena Smith Associate Director
Nathan Magnuski, M.Ed. Assistant Director
CT Milot Senior Assistant Director, Enrollment Pipeline Initiatives