Office of Student Employment

Posting a Job

The Office of Student Employment has a simple process to help supervisors post student employment jobs and find the right match for each position.

Each on-campus or Service Work-Study position must be posted on the eCampus jobs site. To verify that you are authorized to post jobs, please email the student employment coordinator.

New student supervisors must meet with the student employment coordinator prior to receiving access to the SE web management system and timesheets. Supervisors will receive training on all student employment policies and procedures, the Student Employment web management system, and student web time entry. 

Once you are authorized to post jobs:

  1. Log into eCampus using your ECNet username and password. Or, if you are an authorized off-campus agency, log in using your assigned username and password.
  2. Select the Manage drop-down menu and click on Student Employment. Click the Add Job link on the left-hand side of the page. 
  3. Complete the job title, job description, salary, hours, skills, and other desired skills as text, and select the job type.
  4. The student employment coordinator will approve, deny, or edit the postings as necessary. You will receive an email when the job is ready to post. 
  5.  Post the position by logging back into eCampus and accessing Student Employment. When posting, you must select a post date, a start date, and end date of employment, the type of employment you are hiring for (Federal Work-Study or Emerson Employment), and the number of positions available. 

Supervisors can typically begin to post:

  • August 1 (Fall semester jobs)
  • December 1 (Spring semester jobs)
  • April 15 (Summer jobs)