Office of Student Employment


Supervisors have three days to review applications once they are submitted.

  1. Log into eCommon and click the Student Employment tab.
  2. Click on Manage Job Postings.
  3. Click and follow Details to a list of applications.
  4. Select View on individual applications. 

Application Status

Each application has several status options:

Viewed – You have looked at the application.

Referred Back – You have questions about the application. You can customize an email to each student with your questions or ask for additional information, such as a résumé.

Invited to interview – You would like the student to interview for the position. You may customize an email to each student.

Waitlisted – You are not going to hire the student at this time, but you would like to keep the application on file for future consideration. If you choose this option, make sure to print out the application, as it will be deleted when the job is filled. 

Not Hired – You have decided not to hire the student. You may customize an email to each student or use a generic email.

Hired – You have chosen to hire the student. An automatic email will be sent to the student.