School of the Arts Faculty

Eric Schaefer

Associate Professor (1992)
B.A. Webster University
M.A. University of Texas, Austin
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin

Eric Schaefer

Dr. Schaefer is a film and media historian who specializes in exploitation film and other marginalized cinemas. He is the author of "Bold! Daring! Shocking! True!": A History of Exploitation Films, 1919–1959 (Duke University Press) now in its third printing.  His edited collection, Sex Scene: Media and the Sexual Revolution, will be published by Duke in spring 2014.  

Dr. Schaefer's essays have been published in Cinema Journal, Film Quarterly, Film History, and other journals and anthologies such as Looking Past the Screen: Case Studies in American Film History and Method (Duke UP), Sleaze Artists: Cinema at the Margins of Taste, Style, and Politics (Duke UP) and American Cinema of the 1960s: Themes and Variations (Rutgers UP).  His most recent essays appear in The Wiley-Blackwell History of American Film (Blackwell) and Learning With the Lights Off: Educational Film in the United States (Oxford UP). He is working on Massacre of Pleasure: A History of Sexploitation Films, 1960–1979.

Dr. Schaefer serves on the editorial board of The Moving Image, the journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. He has twice served on the Board of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) was the recipient of the 2012 SCMS Service Award.


Office: Para 527

Phone: 8861