Property Management

Audio Visual Equipment

Please note that two (2) business days' advance notice is required for equipment requests. All equipment is subject to availability.

The Media Services Center (MSC) delivers and sets up a large variety of equipment in the College’s meeting spaces. The types of circulating equipment available for use in these rooms are listed below. MSC staff are available to assist in the setup of any installed in room equipment. Contact the Media Services Staff at 617-824-8676 with any questions.

Computer Options

  • Macintosh laptop
  • PC laptop
  • Internet video streaming kit

Audio Options

  • Digital, analog, and IP-based telephone conferencing
  • Analog cassette playback
  • Compact disc playback                        
  • Voice reinforcement

Video Options

  • Video camcorder (Mini-DV)
  • Video (DVD, VHS, SVHS, and Minidv) playback deck
  • Data/video projector                                              
  • Document camera

Projection Options

  • 16mm film
  • 35mm slide
  • Overhead transparency

The following rooms are equipped with video projection: Charles Beard Room, Dining-1, Bill Bordy Theater and Auditorium.