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Emerson ID Card


Students should carry their Emerson College ID cards at all times and produce them when requested, particularly to get access to the residence halls (if they are student residents) and to evening classes. 

Emerson ID cards enable students and staff to:

  • Access all College buildings (Residence halls can only be accessed by student residents)
  • Check books out of the library
  • Use campus resources such as course reserves, study rooms, and laptops in the library
  • Pay for vending machines, laundry machines, and library fines with ECCash
  • Print at computer lab printers or print kiosks. Each semester, staff, faculty, and students are allotted $5.00 of printing credit. If that credit is used up, ECCash can be used to pay for printing.
  • Pay for taxi rides with participating taxi companies with EC Cash
  • Pay at convenience stores and some food places around campus with EC Cash

First ID for Students

The Emerson College photo ID Carding Event takes place at the beginning of each semester as part of the Student Orientation.  All new/transfer students receive their first ID card during Orientation at no cost.

Please bring a driver's license, passport, or other form of photo identification to the Orientation ID Central or the photo ID office thereafter, on the first floor of 80 Boylston Street (Little Building), Office 122.

FALL 2015 ID Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon 4:00 - 6:00 pm 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon 4:00 - 6:00 pm 11:00 AM–12:00 Noon

Taking care of your ID card

Please take care of your ID card and carry it in a safe place.  If you carry your ID in a wallet, make sure you do not sit on it and break it. There is a breakable chip inside the card and the magnetic strip can be demagnetized. Keep it away from water, magnets, and other elements. Do not punch holes on it.

Lost IDs

If you lose your ID card, report it immediately to the Police Department Office located in the Little Building, on the Tremont St. side  (211 Tremont Street) and obtain a temporary ID. The Emerson College Police Department will issue you a temporary ID and you will receive a replacement ID card within a few days. Your temporary ID will provide the same building access and dining hall functions as your regular ID, but you will not be able to use ECCash.

There is a $25 charge for each reprinted card and Request for Replacement Photo ID card filled out and signed. Your ID picture is stored in the card database, and any replacement ID card will have the same picture as the old one, unless you request a new picture and  come during the posted ID hours to have a new picture taken. The latest printed card will cancel all previously issued IDs cards which must be destroyed if found later. Replacement IDs will be picked up at the Police Department.

Defective IDs

If your ID card is not tapping and/or swiping during the semester, make sure that you are an active student (enrolled in at least one course), that you have proper residence halls access (if applicable) and check that the ID you are using is the latest printed card which canceled all previously issued IDs. If the ID card still does not work, bring all the ID cards you have in your possession to the Police Department to get a temporary ID and fill out a Request for Replacement Photo ID card. You will receive the new ID at the Police Department within a few days.

Professional Studies & Special Programs Students

Professional Studies at 148 Boylston Street, issues IDs to current Professional Studies students and high school students participating in pre-college programs.

Adding ECCash


  • Visit emerson.edu/eccash and use your MasterCard or VISA. You will need to sign in with your ECNet user name and password, then establish a separate password for ECCash system access.
  • Visit the Student Financial Services office on the fourth floor of 216 Tremont Street to add ECCash by cash or check.

Parents/Family Members

  • Visit emerson.edu/eccash and use your MasterCard or VISA. You must have the student’s ECCash system password.
  • Visit the Student Financial Services office on the fourth floor of 216 Tremont Street to add ECCash by cash or check.
  • Mail a check to Student Administrative Services, clearly indicating "ECCash" and the student's name on the check.


Please note that the Office of Human Resources takes care of issuing first and replacement IDs for Faculty and Staff.

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