Office of the Arts

Student Users

Individual students working on curriculum-related projects will apply through their academic departmental offices. Check with your department for specific guidelines. 

SGA-recognized Student Clubs and Organizations will work with the Office of Student Life.  Email requests to using the Venue Request Form.

For BFSR film screenings on Monday evenings, use the BFSR Request Form. A committee of students, faculty, and staff will review the requests. Policy and procedure will be reviewed the first week of every semester.

Individual students not affiliated with an SGA group or an academic project should inquire with Student Life about the availability of the Cabaret or Multipurpose Room. 


Fall semester requests may be submitted starting the 1st Thursday of fall classes; request deadline is Thursday of the 2nd week of classes at noon. Decisions will be communicated on Thursday of the 3rdweek of classes by 5:00 pm. 

Spring semester requests may be submitted starting the 10th Thursday of classes of fall semester; request deadline is Thursday of the 11th week of classes at noon. Decisions will be communicated on the Monday following Thanksgiving by 5:00 pm. 


Making a request for space does not guarantee that your booking will be granted. Availability is limited and the Office of the Arts and academic department activities are given priority. Student use also requires the presence of a technical supervisor at the rates listed in the Campus Rate Card, $39.32 per person per hour in 2011–2012. If your booking is granted, you will be required to follow the policies and guidelines for a student booking. Your booking is not transferable to another student or student production. Failure to produce the event as described in your request will result in cancellation of your booking.

Approval of your booking is not on a first-come, first-served basis. All requests initially have equal weight and are first considered by a committee of students, faculty, and staff who may request additional information from you. Some of the following criteria are considered when a request is being reviewed for approval: 

  • Is the date(s) requested open in the calendar?
  • Can the requested technical requirements be satisfied without particular cost or difficulty?
  • Has the requestor demonstrated that he/she has thoroughly considered every production issue and can articulate that plan and his/her vision for the production?
  • Can the requestor provide experienced labor in all needed areas of production?
  • Can the requestor pay for all the hours requested of use if needed?

If further technical support is merited, an estimate will be provided.

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