Office of the Arts

Emerson Staff & Administrators


Non-academic departmental requests should be discussed with your department’s or office's representative, who will submit the request to OA Internal Events using the Venue Request Form.

Please contact your office or department for the name of your departmental representative - requests are only accepted by OA Internal Venue Request from designated representatives. Please email if your department or office does not have a representative.


Requests are accepted on a rolling basis. For academic and other College departments: 

  • Fall semester requests are accepted beginning the third week in June.
  • Spring semester requests are accepted beginning the third week in October.

Requestors are encouraged to apply at least 6 weeks prior to the date of their event, as a late fee will be added for any request that is made fewer than 21 days before the date requested.

The Emerson Experience

In real life, he plays the part of author, producer, actor, comedian, and Emerson Alum. “Talent and training” led Denis Leary to his success in Hollywood. Leary ’79 graduated from the College’s creative writing program.

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