ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage

For Our Neighborhood

Cultural Economic Development. Almost any night of the year, you will find ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage animating at least one of its four theaters in Boston’s historic Theatre District. Audience members park, eat, shop, and stay overnight in Boston. After attending ArtsEmerson events, they visit galleries, libraries, and other theaters. ArtsEmerson is a critical element to the cultural and economic vitality of downtown Boston. 

Unique Sense of Place. The ArtsEmerson theaters are filled with character—joyful, surprising, playful oases from the world around them, just like the art within. They are part of Boston’s unique streetscape, elements that help you know that you must be in Boston because there’s nowhere else like it in the world! 

Preserve and Celebrate. The Paramount Center’s theaters enliven theatrical real estate dating from before the American Revolution. While bringing the buildings back to life, Emerson College lovingly preserved historic treasures from those original buildings, and painstakingly returned the 1933 Paramount Mainstage to its original art deco appearance. The 1903 Cutler Majestic Theatre was magnificently restored for its 100th birthday. Both venues preserve, interpret, and celebrate Boston’s proud theatrical past while functioning beautifully as modern theaters. Both theaters embrace the arts and audiences of today.

What we do:

The Emerson Experience

In real life, he plays the part of author, producer, actor, comedian, and Emerson Alum. “Talent and training” led Denis Leary to his success in Hollywood. Leary ’79 graduated from the College’s creative writing program.

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