ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage

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ArtsEmerson: The World On Stage has a large and ever-expanding impact on the international world of artists in several ways. 

Commissioning. Every year, we assist artists to generate new work, often by providing space and supporting production costs when new work is “getting on its feet.” Creativity flows for artists and ensembles in residence, working together away from the distractions of everyday life. 

Second Home. ArtsEmerson builds periodic, multi-year relationships with ensembles and artists that support their current work and helps them envision and create their next great piece. 

Artistic Collaboration. Great art is born of collaboration. ArtsEmerson introduces artists to one another and helps them pursue work together that they could not accomplish separately. 

Critical Mass. Bringing great art to communities relies on complex, intertwined schedules and collaborative resources. Presenters such as ArtsEmerson make it possible for extraordinary productions to become available to New England audiences. 

What we do:

The Emerson Experience

In real life, he plays the part of author, producer, actor, comedian, and Emerson Alum. “Talent and training” led Denis Leary to his success in Hollywood. Leary ’79 graduated from the College’s creative writing program.

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