Media Services

Media Services Mission Statement

The Media Services Center provides up-to-date, and relevant media resources and services to meet the needs of Emerson's administration, faculty, staff, and student body. The department engages in the following activities in pursuit of this goal.

  1. Providing, maintaining, and delivering audiovisual equipment to the College’s classrooms, and in the MSC.
  2. Specifying media technology, performing routine maintenance of this equipment, and training patrons in the operation of permanently installed equipment in the college's classrooms and meeting spaces. 
  3. Making technology materials available to the Emerson community for use in the Media Services Center and in general use classroom settings.
  4. Informing faculty and students of the availability of these materials and providing guidance in their effective use.
  5. Assisting students in the planning and production of non-print projects that are not related to production courses.
  6. Consulting with special event planners to rent appropriate equipment and services to meet their needs.