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Media Services

Copyright Information

Emerson College Media Services applies the Copyright Law of the United States and the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia to all department services.

Please also see the Emerson College Copyright Policy.

Media Duplication Policy

  1. All media duplications made by Media Services will adhere to the Copyright Law of the United States and the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia.
  2. Media Services staff will not knowingly make equipment, facilities,or personnel available for the illegal duplication of copyrighted media.
  3. Media Services will not duplicate entire copyrighted media without prior written permission from the owner of the copyright. It is the instructor’s responsibility to secure the necessary permission.
  4. Duplication of portions of copyrighted media for academic purposes is governed on a case-by-case basis by the Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia.

Off-Air Recording Policy

Media Services records broadcast programs, including cable programs, for instructional support. The following conditions ensure that the recording meets current guidelines for off-air taping for educational purposes:

  1. Off-air recordings are requested and used by individual instructors only.
  2. Media Services erases off-air recordings 45 calendar days after the broadcast date. Off-air recordings cannot be retained longer without written permission of the copyright holder.
  3. The instructor must obtain this permission if he or she wishes to keep the program longer than 45 days.
  4. Off-air recordings may not be altered from their original content, and may not be physically or electronically combined to produce compilations or anthologies.
  5. Instructors sign an agreement to use off-air recordings only for instructional purposes, and to abide by the above policies.