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Performance Management at Emerson College

Welcome to the Performance Management Website! Performance management, when done correctly, is an iterative process of expectation-setting, ongoing review, regular and honest feedback, and formal evaluations. The overall performance management cycle for staff at Emerson includes three components, as shown below. These components are Performance Planning/Expectation Setting, Ongoing Review and Feedback, and End of Year Evaluation. Everyone has an important role to play in performance management.

Performance Management

The performance evaluation process at Emerson is designed to support the broader performance management process and to increase communication between managers/supervisors and staff. There should not be any surprises when staff members receive their annual evaluations. To support everyone in this process, Emerson also offers extensive Learning and Development resources.

2013 - 2015 Performance Evaluations

Below are the key dates in the timeline for the 2013-2014 performance evaluation process. Once you have started the performance evaluation process, you may move through it as quickly as you wish. For a more detailed timeline, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the "Detailed evaluation timeline" link. Also at the bottom of this page, you can find templates that you can use as drafts before you enter your information into the system.

Key Dates for All Staff

June 13, 2014: Self-Evaluation Due

*July 30, 2014: Acknowledged, Finalized Supervisor Evaluation in System

August 25 - September 12 Performance Planning Workshops (Sign up on the Events and Workshops Page)

September 17, 2014: Staff Member’s Draft of Next Year’s Plan Due

January 19-28, 2015: Mid-Year Check-In Meeting with Supervisor

May 18 - June 12, 2015: Employee Self-Evaluation Performance Evaluation Workshops (sign up on the Events and Workshops Page)

*July 31, 2015: Acknowledged, Finalized Supervisor Evaluation in System

Key Dates for Managers

July 25, 2014: Supervisor Evaluation Due

*July 30, 2014: Acknowledged, Finalized Supervisor Evaluation in System

August 25 - September 12, 2014: Performance Planning Workshops - Sign up on the Events and Workshops Page

September 26, 2014: Final Plan for Next Year Due (employee and manager must meet prior to this date)

January 19-28, 2015: Mid-Year Check-In Meeting With All Employees

*July 31, 2015: Acknowledged, Finalized Supervisor Evaluation in System

The dates with a (*) are the most important deadlines in this evaluation process. On the following business day, the overall performance scores will be compiled and sent to the department leader (e.g. Vice President) as an input to their merit decisions. If a performance evaluation is not complete by the end of the day on July 30th, the individual's score will appear blank in that merit spreadsheet.

The Performance Management System

New System

This year we are using a new performance management system, called PeopleAdmin, which is integrated with other HR systems. The link to the system is If you have never signed on to the PeopleAdmin system before, both your username and your password will be firstname_lastname. The new PeopleAdmin Performance Management System will generate reminders when you have action items pending.

We have developed a detailed user guide for this new system, which you can access here.

2008-2013 System

You can access evaluations and performance plans from 2008-2013 in the previous Performance Evaluation System at any time. The link to the previous system is The username and password for that system will be the same as your username and password for eCommon.

Templates/Forms for 2013-2014 Process

The links (.doc format) below lead to templates that you can use to draft your inputs before you enter them into the system.

Templates/Forms for 2014-2015 Process

  • Plan Form for 2014-2015 (these are templates you can use to draft your plan for next year)

To determine which form is right for you, you can look up your classification title in your job description at this link:

  1. Plan form for Support Staff (Entry Support, Intermediate Support, and Senior Support)
  2. Plan form for Entry to Mid-Level Individual Contributors (Entry Individual Contributor, Intermediate Individual Contributor, and Career Individual Contributor)
  3. Plan form for Senior Staff, including Senior Individual Contributors (Advanced and Expert), Managers, and Executive-Level Staff (Director 1 or 2 or AVP 1 or 2)

More Helpful Information

The links below lead to helpful instructions.


If you have additional questions about performance management or performance evaluations, please contact the Office of Human Resources at x8580.

HR will be available for coaching and system support throughout the performance management process. HR will also monitor the overall ratings for ratings for staff evaluations that fall below “Meets Expectations” and will follow-up with the supervisor to determine if a progressive performance management plan is necessary and/or if there are other opportunities for a formal development plan.