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Performance Evaluations

Performance Management at Emerson College

Performance management, when done correctly, is an iterative process of expectation-setting, ongoing review, regular and honest feedback, and formal evaluations. The overall performance management cycle for staff at Emerson includes three components, as shown below. These components are Performance Planning/Expectation Setting, Ongoing Review and Feedback, and End of Year Evaluation. Everyone has an important role to play in performance management.

Performance ManagementThe performance evaluation process at Emerson is designed to support the broader performance management process and to increase communication between managers/supervisors and staff. There should not be any surprises when staff members receive their annual evaluations.

Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations at Emerson are conducted in the summer. The timeline is adjusted slightly each year. The timeline for 2014 is below:


Managers will validate that the most up-to-date approved job descriptions of their direct reports have been uploaded in the PeopleAdmin system; HR will provide informational workshops for managers.


Performance evaluation process starts; employees transfer last year’s performance goals into the new system; HR will provide informational workshops for all staff.


Supervisors and direct reports complete their annual performance evaluations in the new system.


One-on-one manager/direct report performance evaluation meeting.


Employee and manager develop performance plan for next year.


Salary change decisions made and put into effect.

*HR will send reminders at the start of each process

You can access your previous years’ evaluations and performance plans in the Legacy Performance Evaluation System at any time of year to review last year’s evaluation and preview your job responsibilities. Human Resources will notify you when it is time to begin your upcoming annual evaluation.

Workshops will be offered at the beginning of this process. For more information about the workshops, please visit the Human Resources Events and Workshops Page.

If you have additional questions about this process, please contact the Office of Human Resources at x8580.