Human Resources

Open Enrollment

During Open Enrollment, you may

  • Enroll in the Flexible Reimbursement Account Programs (Medical and Dependent Care)
  • Enroll in, change, or drop medical and/or dental insurance coverage
  • Add, change, or drop dependents from medical and/or dental coverage

Important Enrollment/Change Information

Medical and Dental:

Medical premiums will increase by 2% for 2016; there will be no changes in dental premiums for 2016. There are no medical or dental plan changes.

Flexible Spending Accounts:

If you wish to participate in the Health or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts in 2016, you must actively enroll. In addition, for 2016 the vendor that will be administering the Flexible Spending Accounts will be Wageworks. If you are participating with these accounts currently (in 2015), please be aware that you will be receiving information in December regarding the transition to this new vendor.


  • Medical or dental enrollments/changes that do not involve coverage of dependents, and all Flexible Spending Account enrollments, must be done online.
  • If you are newly enrolling, adding or dropping dependents to/from medical or dental coverage, please complete the Open Enrollment Form (dependent enrollment cannot be done online).
  • When enrolling or changing coverage in Banner, please make sure that you enter an effective date of January 1, 2016 (1/1/2016).
  • All enrollments or changes must be completed via Self-Service enrollment between November 4 and December 6.
  • If you do not wish to make any medical or dental plan changes, or enroll with a Flexible Spending Account for 2016, you do not need to enroll.

Assistance in Open Enrollment Decisions and Online Enrollment