Healthy You

Working Together for Your Wellness

Healthy You is the College’s new health and wellness initiative. The focus of Healthy You is to provide faculty and staff with the tools that they need to monitor and promote their own wellness.

If you have worked at another Boston area college or University in the past, you may have already heard about Healthy You, since it is a program that was created by the Boston Consortium for Higher Education.


The goal of Healthy You is to reduce medical costs for both the College and plan participants by providing preventive screenings to identify risk factors related to major illnesses and resources related to health management.

For 2014, the program will target three critical areas:

  1. Biometric Screenings: Representatives from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care will be available to take your blood pressure, measure your cholesterol and glucose levels, determine your body mass index and provide counseling on the results (additional tests can be provided through your primary care doctor for measuring LDL and triglycerides in your doctor's office).
  2. Health Questionnaire: You will have the opportunity to answer a health questionnaire that will provide you with a current assessment of your health and opportunities for improvement. Based on your answers to the questionnaire, you may be recommended to work with a wellness coach to assist you with a health management program.
  3. Do You Know Your Numbers? This initiative is designed to provide you with feedback around the critical biometric numbers that are related to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer and ways that you can mitigate these risks.

Program Incentives

iphone 5S

All medical plan eligible faculty and staff who participate in the biometric screening process at the health fair will receive a $25 payment from Harvard Pilgrim and will be entered into a drawing to win a iPhone 5s with 32 GB of storage. Participants are not required to complete the office visit tests to receive the program incentive;
iPad Mini All Medical plan eligible faculty and staff who participate in the health questionnaire will receive a $75 payment form Harvard Pilgrim and will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad Mini with cellular and wi-fi and 64 GB of storage;
ipad and iphone


All employees who participate in both the biometric screenings and the health questionnaire will receive both incentive payments totaling $100, be entered into the iPhone and iPad Mini drawings and will also be enrolled in an additional drawing to win a $2,500 spa vacation!*


All raffle prizes will be drawn on December 9th and prize winners will be notified by December 15th.
*Only benefits-eligible faculty and staff are eligible to participate in the drawings for the iPhone, iPad Mini and the spa vacation. All prizes are subject to tax.

Ensuring Your Privacy

Since the biometric screenings and the health questionnaire include confidential, private health information, this information will be collected directly by Harvard Pilgrim staff at the Benefits Fair or through Harvard Pilgrim’s secure web site. To ensure your privacy, under the fully insured medical plan Harvard will provide only summary health trend and diagnostic information to Emerson, but not specific health information related to individuals. Harvard Pilgrim also will provide Emerson with a list of names for those individuals who have participated in the biometric screenings and the health questionnaire for the purpose of identifying the employees who are available for the raffle prizes.

For Questions or More Information

For additional information concerning Healthy You, please contact the Benefits Department at extension 8583.


Emerson will break ground for its new center in Los Angeles on March 8

Emerson celebrated the opening of its new facility on Sunset Boulevard on January 12, 2014.

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Emerson College's new facility in Los Angeles is now open to students. We will continue to post new positions related to our expanded presence in Los Angeles. Further information will be available when Job Opportunities are posted.