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Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Emerson TALKS

Emerson TALKS is a resource to educate students for work and life in a diverse world. The TALKS are interactive, participatory, and inclusive. Every person engaged in the TALKS is a member of a group of 6-10 students who openly discuss topics related to diversity and inclusion using case studies. Each week’s session focuses on a particular theme. The program is led by a team of students who have graduated from the Emerson TALKS Co-Facilitator Training program.

Each team will host their sessions on campus; students can join a team based on their schedulersquo;s availability. Meetings occur for 2 hours every week continuously for 6 weeks. The final session is a Call to Action where each group creates a planned project relating to their Emerson TALKS sessions.

What it’s All About

  • Trust Creating a space in which your group can talk openly and honestly.
  • Awareness Opening your mind to new ideas and new thoughts.
  • Listen Actively listening as opposed to passively hearing.
  • Keenness Digging deep to unveil and discuss social issues.
  • Sensitivity Understanding and respecting the feelings of others.

Emerson TALKS co-facilitators have created a blog, which will highlight issues surrounding diversity and inclusiveness. Feel free to respond to the blog entries or email the Office of Diversity and Inclusion if you have an idea you would like to see included. Change begins with a single step. Our hope is that this blog will spark some thoughts as to how you can help create change.

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