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Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Charles Beard Arts & Communication Exploration Program

Inventing Your Voice

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is celebrating its ninth year hosting the Charles Beard Arts and Communication Exploration Program!

Each summer the program takes on a theme to guide its workshops and courses, this year’s theme is “Inventing Your Voice.” The program dates will run for two weeks in mid-July.

2013 Summer Program Dates:

  • July 8th-19th, 2013


The Charles Beard Arts and Communication Exploration Program is sponsored by the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, and is made possible by a longstanding partnership with the YMCA Young Achievers Program in Roxbury, Mass. Students who are enrolled in high school may enter the program through the YMCA free of charge, up until completion of their junior year.


The Charles Beard Arts & Communication Exploration Program, named in honor of Charles Beard, a communication lawyer and former Chairman of the Emerson College Board of Trustees, introduces youth to arts and communication fields of study and occupations.

The program teaches students the basic skills and foundations of a variety of subjects, including marketing, print journalism, stage and theater production, radio, Internet and new media production, documentary making, and video, film production, and more.


This year’s program is focused on the idea of self-discovery and the power of one’s own voice. Whether using it to write creatively, speak publically or bring a character to life on stage—own the voice you have and use it, share it. This program aims to help young students explore self-identity and gain tools for future leadership.

The Charles Beard Arts & Communication Exploration Program aims to open up young students to careers in these fields and expose them to new ideas. While overall the program aims to increase student interest in attending college as a whole, students display an increased interest in pursuing arts and communication fields by the end of the program.