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Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Programs & Services

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion offers a variety of programs and services designed to support the campus community in realizing institutional diversity and inclusion goals. In addition, the office supports the development and implementation of inclusive practices, and works to increase the intercultural development of members of our community.


The Office of Diversity & Inclusion provides the following services to the campus community:

  • Education. Offering ongoing training and educational opportunities related to diversity and inclusion for the campus community as well as workshops that are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual departments and programs.
  • Consultation. Working with individuals and departments to develop strategies for infusing diversity and inclusion into their practices. We also work with individuals and departments to solve problems and resolve concerns.
  • Coaching. Providing one-on-one coaching to members of the campus community. Coaching ranges from assisting new employees as they transition to our community to working with managers and supervisors to develop strategies for increasing the intercultural competence of staff. In addition, we work with individuals as they work to address challenges that may arise.
  • Recruitment and Hiring Support. Providing support and training for search committees with particular emphasis on inclusive search and selection practices.
  • Faculty Development. Supporting faculty in the development of inclusive pedagogical practices that will enable them to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse student body. In addition, we support faculty in implementing instructional approaches that will enhance the intercultural development of students.
  • Collaboration. Collaborating with departments on special programs and projects that will advance diversity and inclusion at Emerson College.


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion designs programs and facilitates discussions for campus units/departments and other groups. The purpose of these programs is to increase awareness and sensitivity about the differences we each bring to the campus.

Emerson TALKS

Emerson TALKS is the premier interactive diversity and inclusion leadership course/program for students at Emerson College. Through peer led interactive group discussions, students will open their minds to different perspectives on social justice, GLBTQ relations and cultural issues. Emerson TALKS seeks to cultivate students’ lives by transforming words into action through diversity training and completion of innovative call-to-action projects.

4A’s Leadership

In today’s world, students in all departments need to learn how to market themselves as they enter the job market.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in partnership with both the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) and the Department of Marketing Communication, has created a hands-on, multi-cultural training program for Emerson College graduate and undergraduate students interested in exploring careers in the world of advertising and marketing communications. The program is open to all students regardless of major and provides a look at an exciting and challenging potential career path.

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Charles Beard Arts & Communication Exploration Program

The Charles Beard Arts & Communication Exploration Program, named in honor of Charles Beard, a communication lawyer and former Chairman of the Emerson College Board of Trustees, introduces youth to arts and communication fields of study and occupations.

The Charles Beard Arts and Communication Exploration Program teaches students the basic skills and foundations of a variety of subjects, including marketing, print journalism, stage and theater production, radio, internet and new media production, documentary making, and video and film production.