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Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Perspectives on Race, Identity, Sexuality, and Multiculturalism (PRISM) Committee

In Spring 1988, Faculty Assembly established a special committee, the Racial Awareness Committee, to explore the status of racial awareness on the Emerson campus. 

In Fall 1994, the committee’s name was changed to PRISM, an acronym for Perspectives on Race, Identity, Sexuality, and Multiculturalism. Initially serving as a watchdog committee in response to student concerns about classroom insensitivity and racism (and an organization serving the needs of the small group of minority faculty), PRISM’s focus has expanded to include planning and producing conferences and other programs that promote faculty, staff, and student participation in multicultural events and understanding of (and engagement with) diversity issues. 

At the same time, PRISM remains committed to the committee’s original mission of listening and responding to student, faculty, and staff concerns about all forms of prejudice when they arise at the College.