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Training Exercise

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  3. Enter Full Page Title: The Paramount Center and Residence Hall
  4. Superheader: Boston Facilities

Text editing

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  • Format Paramount Center Residence Hall and ArtsEmerson to be Heading 2’s


  • Create a link from Housing and Residence Life to the Housing website.
  • Create a link within the text Visit the ArtsEmerson website » to Make sure it opens in a new window.
  • Create an email link to yourself where noted.
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  • Search and insert the about-450-paramount-outside.jpg image into a photo caption template with the caption: The Paramount Center Residence Hall, the newest dorm on campus in between the Paramount Residence Center header and the corresponding text. (Hint: You may need to navigate to the folder that corresponds with that Department).
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  • BONUS: Upload your own image from your computer. This is good practice, but not required.
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    2. Put your cursor before the word "Based" in the text.
    3. Click on "Templates" and choose "Photo with Caption: Floated"
    4. Click "Browse."
    5. Navigate to Generic Photos → About Emerson. Click Upload → Insert
    6. Write a caption that says, "My Bonus Photo".


  • Apply a video: Paramount Center Video Tour.


  • Apply a right promo, try About - Paramount Center
  • Apply a left promo, try Graduate Admission – Visit

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Copy and paste all of the content below into your training page (watch for spacing added when pasting, and use Paste as Plain Text)

The Paramount Center is a first-of-its-kind mixed-use residential, academic, and performance venue.

The Paramount includes a renovated art deco 590–seat main theater, a 150–seat black box theater, a sound stage, the 170–seat Bright Family Screening Room, a scene/prop production shop, rehearsal studios, four classrooms, six practice rooms, 20 faculty offices, a student gathering area and will be the home for ArtsEmerson.

Learn more about the Paramount Center residence hall and ArtsEmerson

Paramount Center Residence Hall

The Housing and Residence Life staff want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Emerson campus experience. Open since 2010, the Paramount Center Residence Hall houses over 260 students primarily in double rooms in four- or six-person suite-like environments with a shared bathroom. Some stand alone doubles are also available in the Paramount. Residents will share common floor lounges with kitchenettes and a centralized landry facility.


ArtsEmerson: The World on Stage is committed to bringing the world’s legendary and pioneering artists to Emerson College, presenting work from this country and abroad you’ve never had an opportunity to see—at least, not without first heading to the airport.

Based in the heart of Boston’s historic theatre district—on the Emerson College campus—ArtsEmerson programs includ culturally enriching theatre, film, and music. To further engage the Emerson College community, much of the work of ArtsEmerson will evolve out of periodic, multi-year residencies designed to facilitate the creation of new work and to provide opportunities for students, faculty and the community to engage in the creative process.

Visit the ArtsEmerson website »

Apply to Emerson

Contact (your name) at (your email address) for more details.