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Video Guidelines

Shared Videos

Web Services encourages the shared use of video across campus to save your department and Emerson time and money. Find videos for your department’s website in one of two ways:

Using the Video Gallery to find existing, already approved Emerson.edu videos. You may add the video to your page using the Video Reference field, create a Right Column promo, or link to the video page from text on your page.

Looking on Median for new Emerson.edu videos. Obtain permission from the video creator and submit the code under "Link to this Media" under the Share tab and your written permission to Web Services at web@emerson.edu so that we can create a Video Page for you.

Learn how to use Median, including how to encode videos for Median »

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New Videos

Web Services encourages you to utilize campus resources to have your videos produced to ensure consistency and quality of Emerson videos.


We encourage you to utilize Emerson’s in-house video services—Media Relations, Web Services, and Emerson Productions, part of Television, Radio & Film (TRF)—before shooting your video, as your video is subject to approval from the Office of Communications & Marketing before posting on Emerson.edu. All videos must follow the guidelines below to allow viewers to recognize Emerson videos and help consistently brand Emerson College. 

All Emerson video created by Media Relations, Web Services, and TRF will use the standard Emerson:

When to Use Each Video Service

Media Relations (Contact: Communications & Marketing, 617-824-8540)
Events (non high-profile)

Web Services (Contact: web@emerson.edu, 617-824-8397)
Program overviews, including Academics and Student Life
Profiles (students, faculty, alumni, projects)

TRF (Contact: Jane Pikor, 617-824-8936)
Campus and space tours (Cutler Majestic, Robbins Center, Journalism facilities, etc.)
High-profile events at Emerson (EVVYs, etc.)
Department video series (like The Inside Scoop; does not need to adhere to styles outlines above)

Video Standards

Events (Example: Peter Rojas event)

  • Use a high-quality camera.
  • No longer than 2 minutes.
  • Take at least 5 minutes of b-roll.
  • Make sure audio is loud and clear. Use wireless lav or a line out if it can be obtained.
  • Use lighting if needed.

Talking Heads (Example: Diane Lake interview)

  • Use a high-quality camera.
  • All talking head interviews must be on a white background using the standard Emerson title bar.
  • Use lighting.
  • When interviewing talent, use pre-written, scripted questions. Ask them to repeat the question you ask.
  • Have your talent look away from the camera (interview-style).
  • Sound is critical; record in a quiet location with lav or stand alone mic.


  • Use a high-quality camera.
  • Aim for no longer than 3 minutes (or use best judgment depending on use of video).
  • Take at least 5 minutes of b-roll.
  • Have 2+ interviewees.
  • Use voiceovers and music throughout.
  • Shoot in multiple locations that tell a story.
  • Should be entirely scripted.

Recommendations for Video Acceptance

Videos will be accepted for use on Emerson.edu at the discretion of Web Services. Should your video not meet Web Services’ approval, you may use TRF to produce your video at a cost to your department.

  • Video for the web must comply with all applicable state and federal laws for intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademarks.
  • Consider the video’s shelf life. Because students, faculty, and staff members come and go, videos are often in need of an update after a few years' time. Develop a reshooting/updating plan if necessary.
  • Videos with offensive or defamatory content will not be approved.
  • Content should be engaging, relevant, and reflect Emerson’s messages and mission:

    Thriving in a Complex World
    Messages: Real world, busy, collaboration, urban

    Where Creativity Rolls Up Its Sleeves
    Messages: Doing culture, 24/7, creative community, collaboration

    On the Pulse of a World Class City
    Messages: Urban, Boston

    Where People with Vision Find Their Voices
    Messages: Storytellers, faculty, collaboration

    Leader in Communication and the Arts
    Messages: Excellence, creativity, equipment, faculty, student/alumni work

    Enhancing Work Through Collaboration
    Messages: Collaboration, doers, networking

    Expanding Our Reach
    Messages: LA, DC, Global

    Culture of Inclusion
    Messages: Diversity

If you need help with storyboarding or preproduction, contact one of the three individuals listed above.


Release Forms. When using talent, you must obtain written permission from your talent through a release form, available at Video Guidelines the bottom of the Policies/Forms page and submit it to Web Services. Web Services will not post or approve posting of any videos without the release forms unless you have the video produced by the Office of Communications & Marketing, Emerson Productions, or Web Services, who will take care of these forms for you.

Department Approval. You are responsible for obtaining proper approvals of videos in your department. Web Services assumes that this step has been taken once your video is submitted for posting on Emerson.edu. 

Getting Your Video on Median

Using the free, downloadable software Handbrake, convert your video to an .mp4 using the specifications outlined in the Encoding with Handbrake for Median Guide

Social Media

Web Services encourages video sharing, where appropriate, through such Emerson College social networking accounts as the Emerson College YouTube Channel and Facebook.

Facebook: Rhea Becker at rhea_becker@emerson.edu

Twitter: Rhea Becker at rhea_becker@emerson.edu

YouTube: Web Services at web@emerson.edu


Need help with preparing or uploading your video? Contact Web Services at web@emerson.edu.