Photography Guidelines

Shared Photos

Web Services encourages photo sharing across campus to save your department and the College time and money.

How to Access Shared Emerson Photos

To obtain professional photos, e-mail with your photo requests. Once you receive a link to photo options:

  1. Resize each photo according to the guidelines under "Photo Sizes" in the General Style Guide. If you cannot resize your photo, email it to Web Services at with your desired template size. Note: Email all requests for video and Flickr right promo photos to Web Services as well. We have standard template for these photo types.
  2. Save as a .jpg at 72 dpi and upload your photo to Drupal.

How to Access Event Photos & Photos Submitted by the Emerson Community

Photos taken for events and by Emerson students, parents, alumni, faculty, and staff are available for use from Flickr. Note: Apply the Do's and Don'ts below when choosing a photo from the Emerson Flickr account.

To use a Flickr photo, take a screen shot of it (Mac users: hold down Shift-Command-4 and then take a snapshot of the photo using the crosshairs). Then format the photo in the appropriate size.

Many of these event sets on Flickr will be streamed to Students, alumni, faculty, staff, or friends of Emerson College agree that Emerson College may use images from this Flickr account on when submitting images.

Taking Your Own Photos

A website's photography can either engage the user by drawing out emotion and painting a picture or make Emerson College look amateurish and turn users off. In all cases, consider a photo's purpose for placing it on a page when selecting a photo.

Campus Resources


If you would like photos taken as part of an event already getting covered by Media Relations, contact the Office of Communications & Marketing at 617-824-8540. Photos

If you would like photos taken in your area for, contact the Web Services at department at

Using Your Own Resources



  • Use posed group shots that fail to help tell a story or in which faces can't be recognized.
  • Ignore how your photo gets cropped.
  • Use blurry or outdated photos.


  • Use action shots. Take photos of your subjects engaged to best tell a story.
  • Take emotional shots. Use high-emotion shots to better connect your readers with the story.
  • Use closeup shots. Closeup shots generally look more professional than shots from a distance.
  • Frame the photo. To take high-quality photos, see 10 basic composition rules.
  • Take wide shots rather than tall photos. Wide photos are better for the web; tall photos force content below the fold.
  • Consider text placement. Photos with a low depth of field, blurry or open backgrounds, and/or an off-center focal point (where the subject of the photo is to the left or the right, rather than center) make it easier to lay text over the background if needed.
  • Name your photos correctly and add to the correct folder in Drupal. Follow the guidelines in the Training Guide to save your photos before uploading to Drupal. Also, save your photos to the appropriate folder in Drupal.


  • Release Forms. You must obtain written permission from your talent through a release form (any recognizable face needs to have a corresponding release form), available at the bottom of the Policies/Forms section, and submit it to Web Services. Web Services will not post or approve posting of any photos without release forms. Web Services also reserves the right to remove any photos before approval that do not meet standards for
  • Department Approval. You are responsible for obtaining proper approvals of photos in your department. Web Services assumes this step has been taken once you post a photo on

Social Media Sites

Web Services encourages photo sharing to market your department or event through Emerson College social networking accounts. To add photos to an Emerson social networking site, contact:

Facebook & Twitter: Rhea Becker at

Flickr: Web Services at


Need help with using Photoshop, determining the best way to crop your photos, or finding appropriate images? Contact