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Request for Website CMS Training

DrupalDrupal Training

Drupal is Emerson College's Content Management System (CMS).

First: Do I need training?

1.  Determine how often you will be making edits

Trainings are intensive and designed for an editor who will be making regular web updates throughout the year. If there are only one-time updates needed, please contact, our content developer. She will be happy to make these updates for you.

2.  Gain permission and send formal request

If yes, please have your department head or chair send an email to Web Services at, requesting a training from the Webmaster, Nicole Leete. Please indicate whether you would like:

  • BASIC Training (regular, but basic web updates of text) or,
  • MID-LEVEL Training (image formatting, incorporating SEO and search best practices, adopting social media plans to accompany web updates, ensuring clean HTML, and more).
  • ADVANCED Trainings will be held a couple times a year for any PRIOR TRAINED individuals.
  • REFRESHERS -  Just getting rid of some cobwebs? A quick refresh of how to use Drupal.


Once you have been granted permission, you will then be asked to schedule an appointment for a training session by the Webmaster, Training sessions take approximately an hour and a half and typically occur in the Walker labs.

Drupal Guide

General Editing Manual

Google Analytics Training

New: One-on-one or with small groups aimed at understanding web metrics for your pages.
Find out: Who is looking at your pages? What are the most popular? What search terms people are using to find your pages? Do your keywords match up?
Email to set up a 30-minute session.

Blogs (WordPress)

View the editorial and style guides to help with how to write content on the Emerson website.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact