Office of Communications & Marketing

Creative Services Process

Creative Services manages projects throughout the design and production process, providing project specifications and working directly with print vendors to meet deadlines and to ensure the highest possible print quality. We work with the Purchasing Department to expedite the payment of printing and other costs that are incurred when producing materials.

Initiating a Project

Any department interested in producing a marketing or communication vehicle should complete the online Project Request Form. Creative Services will contact you within 24 hours for an initial meeting. In the meeting, project objectives, budgeting, and project delivery will be discussed.

To ensure that your project progresses in the most timely and orderly manner possible, Creative Services strongly recommends you designate one person from your department or office to be responsible for the project, who will act as the contact person for that project. This departmental representative will be the one who submits requisitions, copy, photography, etc., and signs off on all proofs throughout the editing, design, and printing stages.

Project Schedules

Following the initial meeting, Creative Services' production coordinator will devise a production schedule, a copy of which will be sent to the aforementioned department’s representative. On average, projects require four to eight weeks to complete from the time Creative Services receives content, depending on the complexity of the project and our current workload. Please plan accordingly.

Submitting Content

All copy should be submitted in a single MS Word document. If you would like to submit images for consideration, please burn hi-res (300 dpi) files to a disc and send to the office. If possible, image files can be sent through email to Liliana Ballesteros, our production coordinator.

Printing Estimates

Creative Services will solicit printing estimates once project specifications are finalized. The production coordinator will receive written confirmation of these estimates and will ask for the departmental representative's approval before the project enters production. If the estimate is beyond the allocated budget, Creative Services will discuss with the department and explore ways in which the project can be altered to reduce costs.