Office of Communications & Marketing

Logos & Identity Standards

The Identity Standards Manual has been prepared and distributed to ensure the success of Emerson’s visual identity through consistency of use. This Identity Standards Manual contains approved standard graphic elements of the Emerson College identity system. The guidelines presented here are fundamental yet flexible enough to allow for individual expression.

Identity Standards Manual (PDF)

Logos to Download

The Emerson College logo is available to download in various electronic formats. Please note: In order to successfully download an EPS file using the Safari browser, you must control-click on the link. All logos are provided at a large size to allow for downsizing without loss of quality.

Please follow the Emerson Identity Standards Manual when using the logo. The Emerson College logo is a trademarked symbol; therefore, the color and look should not be tampered with. Please contact Liliana Ballesteros in the Office of Creative Services for more information.

For Social Media logos/avatars, please contact There is a special template they will create for you.

Download JPG of black shield
Download EPS of black shield
Download TIFF of black shield

Download JPG of purple shield
Download EPS of purple shield
Download TIFF of purple shield

Download JPG of black wordmark
Download EPS of black wordmark
Download TIFF of black wordmark

Download JPG of purple wordmark
Download EPS of purple wordmark