The Next Generation II

The Next Generation presents a snapshot of the current visual art culture through the work of seven emerging young artists based in Boston. A contemporary art seminar of Emerson College students, under the direction of Joseph D. Ketner II, selected the pieces on display. This graduate student work was chosen after the class paid visits to graduate artist studios at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The artwork proves not only aesthetically pleasing, but also thematically strong.

"The Next Generation II" at the Huret and Spector Gallery. This is the second in an ongoing series of exhibitions at Emerson College, curated by the students of Joseph Ketner. The exhibit included works by:

Artist Piece Type
Joe Ferreira The Chairs / Idiot Box Animation/Sculpture of computer parts
Cyle Gage 4chan /b/ Image Scrubber Application
Mark Gottlieb Couch / Stairway 35mm photograph, digital print
Adaliz Guzman Abandoned but not Forgotten 35mm photograph, digital print
Kyle Hemingway River of Struggles Video
Alex Kaminsky Everyone All the Time Sculpture
Benjamin Clay Lee Collective Time 4x5 photographs, digital prints
Orson Oblowitz Noise Digital iPhone photograph, digital prints
Daniel Scheiner Prank Animation
Yuri Stone Organic Ringtones Interactive Sculpture
John Tyson LUZIDEN: In dem Traumenden Gehirn Interactive Video Installation
Jake Viator Patience/Pieces Video Installation
Johnathan Vingiano Cellphone Painting #1 Painting, Instructions and Video