Huret & Spector Gallery

Aldo Tambellini: The Black Films

Aldo Tambellini

February 18 - April 15, 2011

Aldo Tambellini is an artist and poet whose series of Black Films produced in 1965 announced his presence in the vanguard of New York's independent filmmakers. In 1963 he began to scratch and draw on discarded slides that he projected as part of multi-media environments that he called "Electromedia." He naturally progressed to moving images creating six Black Films in 1965 that he described as "paintings in motion" that were divorced from the traditional concept of the narrative film shot through a camera. He conceived of his cameraless films as an experience that would "dislocate the senses of the viewer." Emerson College will host an installation of Tambellini's Black Films, two of his television productions, and a group of ephemera from the 1960s.

Black is
Black is, 1965