Huret & Spector Gallery

Huret & Spector Gallery presents:

The Blackbird Project

by William Orem

projection image of The Blackbird project

The installation The Blackbird Project by Professor William Orem is on view in the Huret & Spector Gallery, March 14-25th. It’s made from extremely close-up images of Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” turned into wall-size projections, so large they form gestural abstraction.

An audio component to the installation features the voices of Emerson poets John Skoyles, Wendy Mnookin, Richard Hoffman, Gian Lombardo, Daniela Kukrechtova, Ethan Gilsdorf, Chad Reynolds (Emerson ’99), Eric Wasserman (Akron, Emerson ’02), as well as Jennifer Grotz (Rochester), Joe Heithaus (DePauw), Rebecca Kuder (Antioch), John Rezik (Poetry Center of Chicago), Shirley Stephenson, Kate Abbe, and Eric Rensberger.

Visit the Huret & Spector Gallery at 10 Boylston Place, Tufte Building, 6th floor. 

Open Monday-Friday 12-5 pm.