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Final ExposurePhotograph by Lou Jones 

Huret & Spector Gallery presents

Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row
Photographs by Lou Jones 

Curated by Mirta Tocci

April 3rd through April 17th, 2015
Opening reception on Friday, April 3rd, 5:00 pm

Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row consists of twenty-seven black and white portraits of inmates from death rows in prisons across the country. Some, like Mumia-Abu-Jamal of Philadelphia, are well known. Others, like Nelson Shelton of Delaware, have never received publicity. Jones’ powerful images humanize these condemned men and women without minimizing the magnitude of their crimes or the pain of the victims and their families. Together, they open one's eyes to the chilling reality of death row and challenge spectators to question the morality of capital punishment. Jones’ portraits are combined with commentary from his book, Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row (Northeastern University Press: 1996), describing his experience interviewing the inmates. 

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