Speeches & Remarks

President Pelton greets students at a campus event.


August 11, 2016: Keynote Speech at the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference (PMDMC), Boston

April 25, 2016: Note regarding Emerson College's Graphic Identity Concept

March 3, 2016: Emerson Dining Hall, the Colonial Theatre, and related matters

January 18, 2016: Update on Diversity


November 13, 2015: Colonial Theatre ad hoc Task Force Formed

November 9, 2015: State of the College

November 4, 2015: An update on Emerson's Colonial Theatre and related matters

October 16, 2015: President Pelton's editorial opinion about the Colonial Theatre published by the Boston Globe

October 8, 2015: Community Letter: The Colonial Theatre

September 15, 2015: Community Letter: Vice President & Dean of Campus Life Search

September 8, 2015: Community Letter: The Colonial Theatre

June 21, 2015: Community Letter and Response to Dateline

April 30, 2015: Recent Events at Faculty Assembly

April 6, 2015: Update on Title IX Initiatives


December 4, 2014: More Reflections on Recent Events

November 25, 2014: Reflection on Recent Events in Ferguson, MO

November 14, 2014: Emerson's Renovation and Construction Projects

October 31, 2014: State of the College

October 6, 2014: President Pelton Reinforces Emerson College's Commitment to Sexual Assault Prevention

September 2, 2014: Letter to the Emerson Community: New Program to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Assault

June 25, 2014: Letter to the Emerson Community Regarding Alleged Draft of OCR Complaint

April 30: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Update

February 26: Victory Stride: Celebrating 60 Years of Civil Rights Progress


November 1: State of the College

October 22: Sexual Assault Town Hall Meeting

October 9: Emerson Community Letter

April 17: Boston Marathon 2013: The Day After

April 16: Moving Forward and Healing our Community

April 3: Save the Children (Huffington Post)

January 21: Pelton Reflects on the Life of Martin Luther King

January 20: More Than a Sound Bite (Huffington Post)



December 28: Colleges Pledge Their Support to President Obama and the Nation in the Effort to Curb Gun Violence (Huffington Post)

December 20: Letter to President Obama

December 15: Remarks on Newtown, Connecticut


November 28: Letter to the Boston Globe


October 15: Los Angeles Center Update


September 14: Inaugural Address


April 25: Athletics Working Group Announcement


March 14: Campus Water Statement

March 8: Emerson College in Los Angeles Groundbreaking


January 30: Moral Leadership & Civic Engagement

January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Luncheon



October 22: Family Weekend Breakfast


September 11: 9/11 10th Anniversary Vigil

September 6: Introduction to 9/11 Panel


August 30: Welcoming the Class of 2015

August 30: Welcome to Parents


September 8: Acceptance Speech